You are Free to Use any image as part of your project, Online, printing etc., 

But I do not give license to distribute my collection as a collection. 

Commercial & non Commercial purpose: You can sell it as part of your project , 

eg: using images on your printed book, ebook, or displaying online. But I 

do not giving right to distribute the entire  collection as a collection 

or selling as posters or using any character in Animation or movie, 

Contact for the rights for Characters.

Attribute only if you like to Attribute (Attribute to westernghats.com)

Terms of Use

Permission to use in printed or online media, e.g.: Textiles, Books, Advertisements etc without any fee.

Not permitting for poster printing and selling. 

Not permitting for cloth printing that's primary motive is to sell it as poster.

Everything you see on Westernghats.com is not pure AI, Some are digital Art, Some are heavily edited Images. 

So WesternGhats.com Keep the Copyright.

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