Honey Bee Collecting Nectar From Flower Free Stock Image 1


Honey Bee Collecting Nectar From Flower Free Stock Image 1

  1. Honey bee collecting nectar from flower
  2. Bee collecting nectar
  3. Bees collecting nectar from flower
  4. Bee on flower
  5. Honey bee on flower
  6. Bumblebee collecting nectar
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  14. Bumblebee
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  18. Beehive
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  21. Summer flowers
  22. Wildflowers
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  27. Bee wings
  28. Bee anatomy
  29. Bee lifecycle
  30. Save the bees

Short Description:

This royalty-free image features a close-up photo of a honey bee collecting nectar from a colorful flower. The bee's fuzzy body and intricate details are clearly visible, as it gathers pollen and nectar to support the hive. This high-resolution image captures the beauty of nature and the vital role bees play in pollination. This image is perfect for a variety of purposes, including educational materials, environmental websites, and presentations about bees and flowers.

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